"Let your actions be louder than your words and your dreams bigger than your fears"

OSINTopedia (OP) is not just a company, it is a dream for the team behind the name. The company took its first breath in late November 2022. Four dream heads grew tired of jobs and decided to venture on a new journey.  “Some businesses have a lengthy history and talk a lot about themselves, but we would much rather talk about our services because they speak volumes about us and  our team’s ability to stay current with events and pay close attention to detail”. In short, we are an OSINT and WEBINT service provider, specializing in the field of Global Risk Intel, Trust & Safety verticals, Data and Research analysis. “There was a time when a person used to be judged as “Educated” or “Knowledgeable” based on the ability to read or write. However, modernization changed the world, and now a person is deemed “Educated” based on their knowledge of the “Cyber World.”  Hence, we aim to use the enormous potential of the Cyber World (OSINT and WEBINT) to make the world a better and safer place for everyone.

Our Approach

We at OSINTopedia believe in keeping things simple. Hence, our MISSION is to empower youths of our region by generating employment opportunities. We intend to Introduce technology and build an ecosystem where the youths get to experience the diverse and vast field of “Cyber World” and get the exposure of working with organizations all over the globe. We aim to create an environment where no educated youth in the region is deprived of an opportunity to express themselves.

“OSINTopedia” is one of the few Information Service Providers in the region. The team believes that the youth of this region has immense potential to go toe to toe with the World’s Best. Hence, we aim to tap into the pool of young talents, counsel them and be a platform to help them prosper. Our VISION is to shape a better future and create opportunities for the unemployed, educated and talented youths of the smaller and unknown regions of the country.

MEET our team

Where Technology Meets Human Intelligence

A small team with big ambitions

Arpita Roy

CEO and CO-Founder

Nirjhar Das

CO-Founder and Director of Trust and Safety

Abhishek Das

CO-Founder and Director of Global Risk Intelligence

Satabdi Deb



Modernization alongside the pandemic gave birth to a new era of business, that is, the “Outsourced Business.” When the world was going through a rough patch, several major organisations focused on outsourcing parts of their operations to other small businesses in order to reduce costs. We primarily focus on the principle of providing services to organisations looking to get the best despite being cost-effective. We are able to do so because of being based in a location where there is an abundance of skilled individuals looking for an opportunity to shine.